How to debug android stock browser

How to debug android stock browser

How to debug android stock browser, I am using android stock browser or android native browser in my tablet. I can debug front end layouts by entering the url. In my applications images are not visible when I try to run with stock browser, But the same url is working fine in chrome browser. If I check the console then I can find out whats the strange is going on. After a long research I have found out the solution to fix this. Lets see how to debug the stock browser.

We have Chrome Remote Debugging option to debug the android browser url in computer chrome inspect.

Step 1 :

Enable Debugging option your device.
In your android device Settings => Developer options. [ Under Printing you can see the Developer options ]

1 Enable Debugging option your device
If you don’t see the developer options, Settings => About tablet => Build number [ click Build number 7 times to enable Developer options ]


Step 2 :

Attach a android device to computer using USB

Step 3 :

Goto ‘chrome://inspect’ in your chrome.  [type chrome://inspect in your browser ]
You can see 2 options
1. Devies
2. Remote Target.

3-0 chrome inspect

Step 4 :

Open your android browser and open the url where you want to debug.

Step 5 :

You can see your android browser opened url in your computer browser chrome://inspect page under Remote Target

Step 6 :

Under page url you can see the clickable text “Inspect“. Click this link to inspect the android browser page.


Step 7 :

It will open the page layout with inspect tool. Here you can debug the issues


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