Forget password script in php

Forget password script in php

Hi In this tutorial we are going to see how to reset the forget password using php code.
The Logic I follows to reset forget password is :

1. Enter username or email.
2. If username or email exist it will send a mail to certain user with password reset form link.
3. Else return with no records found.
4. By clicking reset password link user can update new password.

My Database Name : 17educations_demo

My Table name : members

Step 1 :

Create Database with name of 17educations_demo

Step 2 :

Create members table and insert one static record for demo use.

Step 3 :

Create Password reset request form


Here I will check wheather user details exists. If exists I have included forgot-password-recovery-mail.php page which contains the code to send mail to the user.

Step 4 :


IF you don’t habe class.phpmailer.php and class.smtp.php please download latest file from here

Step 5 :


Step 6 :

Password Reset form

Here you can enter new password it will store in the members table based on username or email.

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