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Hide last seen in whatsapp from one person

Hide last seen in whatsapp from one person

Hide last seen in whatsapp from one person in whastapp new update. Whatsapp have updated the app and given some huge features to the users. It will really more helpful and user friendly. May be hike have these features already. But whatsapp have introduced with some handsome looks. Lets see what are the new updates.

In earlier version we have 3 tab

1. Calls
2. Chats
3. Contacts

New version have 4 tabs

1. Camera Icon [ icon-camera ]


1. Camera Icon => Allow you to take a video or picture and update in STATUS => My status area .

2. CHATS => Nothing change in version. As like older one.
3. STATUS => This tab come up with some handy features. As like pervious version now we cannot update text status. Can only update image status by clicking the green icon which is left of My status text.


3.1 => If anybody updates status it will show automatically notify in status tab. You can see . near status if any status has updated. It has 3 Sub headings

3.1.1 => My status => It will show your recent updates
3.1.2 => Recent Updates => It will show your contacts recent updates
3.1.3 =>Viewed updates => It will show viewed your contact updates

3.2 => MAIN and IMPORTANT feature is LAST SEEN.

Now you no need to hide your last seen for your entire contacts. Now you can break this.

How to view this :

Right top => Click the icon which have 3 dots vertically [vertical-dot] . It will pop up with 2 options. 1. Status Privacy, 2. Settings.



1. Status Privacy => Click on Status Privacy you can see 3 options


3.2.1 => My Contacts => It will show only for you contacts as like old one
3.2.2 => My contacts except => Click this and select persons whom you DONT WANT to show your privacy(last seen)

3.2.3 => Only share with => Click this and select persons whom you WANT to show your privacy(last seen)



Because of the new handy features we no need to hide our privacy to all. Just can select unwanted persons and will hide our privacies.

Under Recent Updates you will see recent status updated contacts. By clicking on thumbnail you can see their status as slide. It might be image or video what ever , you can see by slider as well as you can give a comment or reply to that particular status.



4. CALLS => Its like old version. You can track your call history.

Thats all. Hide you last or update your status and keep rocking.

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