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How to install ionic in mac

How to install ionic in mac

How to install ionic in mac, ionic is the top rated hybrid app development  tool. Ionic uses the HTML5 sdk to build native mobile apps by using HTML,css and javascript. Ionic requires angular js to work as middleware. Main advantage in Ionic is with the same code it will build the app for both IOS and ANDROID.

Before install ionic we need following packages are installed in your system

1. Node
2. Npm
3. Cordova

How to install Node and Npm

Click to check how to install node and npm.

To check npm and node install in your system, run below command

For Npm :

For Node :

How to install Cordova

Run the below command in terminal

sudo may required password.

How to install Ionic

Ionic has command line utility to start, build and package ionic apps.

It will install ionic utilities in your npm

Create Ionic new App 

Just run the below command and it will create the project folder

It will create the folder ionic-projects in the directory of command line runs and will create the needed files inside the directory.

Your folder structure will be,


Inside www folder you can write your application code.

How to run


It will run the application in your browser.

install ionic

By running below command you can check available tasks of ionic.

Hope it will help for someone. Happy Coding!!!