Install wordpress in MAC virtualbox

How to install wordpress in MAC:

Before start with vagrantpress master Make sure below packages are installed.

Vagrentpress master is specially developed for wordpress. By using vagraentpress master we can easily install the wordpress on mac.

1. wget
2. Oracle virtualbox VM manager
3. Vagrant.
4. vagrant-hostsupdater
5. vagrantpress master(Whic is specially developed for wordpress)

Install wget

step 1 : Open terminal
step 2 : cd ~/Downloads
step 3 : curl -O
step 4 : tar -zxvf wget-1.15.tar.gz
step 5 : cd wget-1.15/
step 6 : ./configure

an error may occur on SSL…

Error : configure: error: –with-ssl was given, but GNUTLS is not available.

If error comes, run ./configure –with-ssl=openssl in terminal.
step 8 : make
step 9 : sudo make install

That’s all installed wget.

To test wget installed run ” wget ” in terminal
you will get below message.

wget: missing URL
Usage: wget [OPTION]… [URL]…

Try `wget –help’ for more options.

If you get this message you have successfully installed.

Install Oracle virtualbox VM manager

step 1 : Download and install virtualbox from

Install vagrant-hostsupdater

step 1 : vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostsupdater

Install vagrantpress Master (Which is used to run wordpress)

step 1 : wget -O
step 2 : unzip
step 3 : cd vagrantpress-master
step 4 : vagrant up
Thats all check :
http://localhost:8080/wp-admin  with the username ” admin ” and the password ” vagrant “

or edit your host file -> sudo nano /private/etc/hosts

Redirect your IP to URL (If its already written don’t overwrite)  # VAGRANT: 377cccfdf6f68efc09ac8f2ea16b5673 (default) / 1fe09b54-55b0-4466-8d91-f82fcf884e92  # VAGRANT: 377cccfdf6f68efc09ac8f2ea16b5673 (default) / 1fe09b54-55b0-4466-8d91-f82fcf884e92

Thats it, your wordpress is ready. Check in URL

Login Credentials: 

username: admin
password: vagrant

phpMyAdmin access:

username: wordpress
password: wordpress

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