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Ionic with angularjs example

Ionic with angularjs example

Ionic with angularjs, Ionic is the most top rated tool for native app development. We are using angular js as a bridge between front end and back end. Lets see how to start with Ionic and angularjs.
Here we will see how the ionic and agularjs declare the routing and how to access it.

Click here to see how to install ionic

What we are going to see

Now we are going to see how to create nav tabs, routing and showing respected pages based on url using ionic and angularjs.

Let us consider we have 3 menus

1. Home
2. About
3. Contact

Place the following line in your index.html

ion-nav-bar => will display the top nav header bar

ion-nav-back-button => Will work like a breadcrum

ion-nav-view => Will show the page contents based on url redirection.

My index.html 

Write Routing for your application

In my  app.js

Write templates for your URLs

Templates folder will be under www directory






My Full app.js


Ionic with angularjs example home

Ionic with angularjs example about

Ionic with angularjs example contact1

Ionic with angularjs example contact2

Thanks for reading this. Hope it will helpful for someone.