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Push notification in Ionic using firebase

Push notification in Ionic using firebase

Push notification in Ionic using firebase, Here we are going to use Ionic 1 and Angularjs. Push notification is the main thing for mobile apps to notify our users to our latest updates. Google providing a firebase to make it simple for the developers. Push notifications useful to send messages, alerts to your app user devices even if your app is not in open state. Lets see how to make it works using ionic and angularjs.

Step 1 : Create your ionic app

Cordova create ionicPush

Step 2 : Create firebase account


Step 3 : Click Add project

Step 4 : Fill the form and click create project. It will create a project and redirect to project dashboard

Step 5 : Click ” Add Firebase to your Android app ” icon

Step 6 : It will open up “Add Firebase to your Android app “. Register your app here

Step 7 : Click Download google-services.json and download the file

Step 8 : Click “Continue” and Click “Finish”

Step 9 : Place google-services.json into your project app directory

Step 10 : Install cordova firebase plugin [https://github.com/arnesson/cordova-plugin-firebase]

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-firebase@0.1.23 --save

Step 11 : Run your Ionic app in Emulator

cordova run android

Step 12 : Send Notification Message from Firebase Dashboard.

Step 12.1 => Click “Notifications” from Left side bar

Step 12.2 => Click “Send Your First Message” button

Step 12.3 => Enter your messages and choose your app.

Step 12.4 => Click send message button. It will open up with preview pop up. Click send.

Thats it, It will push the given notifications to your app devices.

Hope it will help some one!.

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