PHP MySqli Tutorial for begginers

PHP MySqli Tutorial for begginers

The MySqli is the improved version of mysql. Now a dayas prople are moving to the better options. When comparing with MySql, the MySqli or PDO is the better and save option to intract with the detabase. Here we can discuss how MySqli going to intract with the database using php.

How to enable MySqli :

Just enable the php_mysqli.dll extension in your php.ini file. Remove semicolon from the ;php_mysqli.dll extension.

Connect to Database

Mysqli Provides two kind of database connections, One is procedural style styke another onr is object oriented style. procedural style Which is flexible for the users who are all switching from mysql to MySqli. object oriented style is the best way to use MySqli.

SELECT Multiple Records as Associative array

SELECT Multiple Records as Array

SELECT Multiple Records as Objects

 SELECT Single value

 SELECT Using Prepared Statements

 INSERT a Record

 Insert Multiple Records

 Update/Delete a Records

 Update using Prepared Statement

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