php pdo database connection class

php pdo database connection class

In this tutorial, we are going to see how to connect pdo database connection class using php. PDP РPHP Database Object Рis a database access layer which providing a common method to access multiple databases. In present days PHP with Mysql connections are after deprecated. We should go with Mysqli or PDO [ PHP database object ]. My suggestions is to go with PDO because now a days new frameworks  using PDO database conncetions only. There are list of features in PDO

Features in PDO

  • 1. Driver for twelve different databases
    2. OOPS concept
    3. Named Parameters
    4. Stored procedures and Functions
    5. Quick response
    6. Bind and Prepare statements

Step 1 : Create a database class and connect host & database

My Host : Localhost
My Database : sample
My Database Username : root
My Database Password : root
$conn is user defined variable to access database connection.

Example :

Step 2 : Extend your database class to access

Declare user defined value globally : $conn.

Connect your parent class database with current class.

$this->conn = parent::__construct();

First step is to prepare the query $this->conn->prepare(“Select * from users”); and stored in in variable

Second step is to execute the prepared query. $stmt->execute();

Here you can find some basic PDO functions like insert, update, edit, delete.

Hope it will help someone.

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