How to convert html to pdf in php using dompdf?

I have received the request from my reader for HTML to PDF conversion using PHP. Here I have used DOMPDF for PHP HTML to PDF conversion.

It is very easy and simple to convert HTML to PDF conversion.

Please follow below steps:


Download DOMPDF library file

STEP 2 :

Include DOMPDF library file into your index.php file

require_once (‘’);



Save your HTML coding in one variable

eg :


STEP 4 :

Create object for your DOMPDF($dompdf=new DOMPDF();)
Call your HTML content to DOMPDF object.($dompdf->load_html($pdf_content);)
Render your PHP as PDF by $dompdf->render();
Convert HTML as PDF by $dompdf->output();
Store your PDF in path by file_put_contents(‘path’, $dompdf->output());

or simple use the below codings.



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