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How to connect ssh in putty

How to connect ssh in putty

Putty is an SSH. Here I am using putty to connect my SSH with the server. By using Putty ssh we can directly access server command prompt.
Here we are going to see how to use SSH in Putty.

Step 1 :

DownloadPuTTY andPuTTYgen  here

PuTTy => putty.exe => Which is used to connect ssh

PuTTygen => puttygen.exe => Which is used to generate SSH key.

Step 2:

Copy and paste the putty.exe file to C=>Programfiles => windows folder.

Double click the puttygen.exe.

Click Generate Button to Generate SSH key.

Key passpharse is password for your ssh.

Click Save private key to save your generated ssh key.

The saved file extension should be .ppk

Save your puttykey.ppk file to where your putty.exe is located.

Step 3:

Double click putty.exe.

Provide your Host Name or Ip Address to Ip address field.

Step 4 :

Under Connection => Data

on Auto-login Username filed provide your cpanel Usename.

Step 5 :

Under Connection => SSH => Auth

Click Browse button and choose the .ppk file from where you have stored.

Step 6:

Place the generated ssh key to your sever.

Click Session on the left side. Below saved session Enter your site name and click save.
And Click the button Open.

Upon your first login you will be prompted to save the connection for future use by clicking Yes, connect just once by clicking No or do not connect at all by clicking Cancel. If you plan connecting to your hosting account from the same computer more than once we recommend you to click on the Yes button.
Thats it now you have connect ssh with putty and you will get below pop up.

At the end you will be prompted for the username. In the login as: field enter your cPanel username and click on the Enter button of your keyboard to connect to your hosting account through SSH.


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