Paypal pro integration php

Paypal pro integration php

Paypal pro is the Direct Credit Card processing API that allows you to checkout with credit card payments via PayPal directly on your site. The customer enters their credit card details on your site, never has to leave your site and PayPal handles the payment. Paypal pro integration php.

This tutorial will show you how to integrate paypal pro in your website in php language. You will need API credentials (api username, api password, api signature) to accept the palpay pro payment. Collect API credentials from your paypal account. You may also create and collect those API credentials from sandbox account.

Change your credentials @ paypal_pro.php page.

$API_UserName = urlencode(‘’); // set your spi username
    $API_Password = urlencode(‘QFZCWN5HZM8VBG7Q’); // set your spi password
    $API_Signature = urlencode(‘A.d9eRKfd1yVkRrtmMfCFLTqa6M9AyodL0SJkhYztxUi8W9pCXF6.4NI’); // set your spi Signature

And set your environment as “Sandbox” or “Live”.


Index.php code: